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SONY SLV-960HF Stereo 4-Head VCR

Superior Quality Full Size SONY advanced feature VCR. – SLV-960HF – with VideoDirector Home PC Editing Package Included – Flying erase head and audio video insert capability. Front Panel Flip Down Control Panel w/ AV Inputs – Large LCD Display. AV RCA Jacks In & Out. – Glow-in-the-dark Multi-Brand TV Remote with Sony Shuttle Dial. Easy Set up with VCR+ Plus Channel Guide. – S-Link Index Search – Commerical Skip Button – CABLE MOUSE Control AV Computer Hook-Ups. – Slow Motion and Frame-by-Frame adance 2xPlays Picture Search with Sony Shuttle Dial. – Cable Mouse System lets you change channels on the DSS or Cable Box simply by using he VCR remot! Now it’s easy to select the scrambled or unscrambled channels you subscribe to. Digitial Tracking Adjustment. – Superior Quality SONY VCR Built to Last4-Head Stereo Sony VCR Video Cassette Recorder
Stereo Hi-Fi 4-Head VCR Plus Channel Programming
Compu-Link Cable Mouse
SP/LP/EP Recording
4-Head Dual Azimuth Recording Playback F

Price: $129.00
(as of Feb 11,2019 07:41:34 UTC – Details)

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